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About me


I am Margarita Pacis, or Marga for short.

I am a Planning Assistant at the City of Vancouver.

Thanks for stopping by!

I developed a passion for the natural world through studying biology during my undergraduate degree at UBC. By engaging with my community, it had become apparent to me that there is a gap between the science of sustainability and the public practice of it. This discrepancy inspired me to seek ways to bridge the gaps, and the Masters of Education for Sustainability program (UBCxCityStudio) seemed like an excellent fit.

My passions exist at the intersection of sustainability and community; I aim to make sustainable concepts more accessible to the public realm through intentional engagement and community building. I am interested in learning how our built environment that can adapt to reduce our human impact. My career goal is to continue working in a field that will allow me to innovate across silos to co-create a city that can live in tandem with the natural world.

When I am not at work or in class, I can often be found outside (climbing, hiking, cycling, birding, scuba diving, etc.), traveling, making pottery, or reading a good book.



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